Like any psychology student chooses their field of study because they suspect they might be going mad, I am writing this blog because I am not especially happy. In my attempt to change that, I have exposed myself to many stupid programs and cures that mostly made me want to go shopping. Which is in itself a sign of unhappiness.

So I’ll find another way. I’ll collect what makes me happy, catalogue it, for future reference. A million things make me happy. I’ll write them down. I am already at Happy #5, so I’ll start there.

Some things that made me feel better today:

#6 The nice lady who works at the excellent vintage store Hooti Couture in Brooklyn. She’s got such a good vibe. Also the other girl I talked to in there, who asked my opinion on a giant ring because she thought I looked like I had a nice style. I love Americans for their ability to just strike up conversations and give compliments to strangers.

#7 The fact that I figured out how to get Technorati to pick up my fucking RSS feed. That only took about two weeks.

#8 Going to the gym. Nothing more to say about that. It just WORKS.

#9 The fact that there exists such a thing as a combined healthy wraps and custom frame store – Healthy Nibbles, also in Brooklyn. It’s a frame store. And a juice and wrap place. In one.

#1o One whiskey on the rocks.

#11 Jay-Z’s Young Forever.