Blah! Had some terrible days! Wanting-to-stay-on-the-bathroom-floor kind of terrible. But there were sparkly sparkles in there somewhere. Like:

#14: Drawing. Little sketches. Just moving my hand around on a piece of paper makes me happy. It’s like with all movements and physical sensations from your childhood (unless you were molested or something else terrible); copying them now gives this giddy, safe feeling. A feeling of oatmeal and flannel and lamps shaped like rising moons.

#15: Meeting someone you think maybe you could be friends with. Then thinking about how to make that happen. How to ask someone out without asking them out exactly. How come it is so much more difficult to find a friend than a date? Exploring this question.

#16: Obscure amounts of sushi on a hot day. Then rolling over. Like a cat.

#17: Block parties. How nice is that? Neighbors sharing their bedbug infested clothing with each other, spoiled brats running over you on their various life threatening modes of transportation, old junk everywhere, tripping over children failing to write their names in chalk on the pavement. But really, it is quite nice.

all you need is what, did you say?