It might sound strange, all the while they are giving me the most serious and often horrifying news, but I find listening to the BBC incredibly comforting. Their subtle, controlled British voices, the professional radio voice that contrary to what they are actually SAYING is also telling me that everything is under control.

We’ve got people on it, things are happening. Stay safe, humans.

“Wherever you are, you’re with the BBC”, they say, and as I wake up in different countries those voices do follow me, I switch on new radios I haven’t switched on before but they’re still there, they keep their promise with the same jingles and the same grave British calm, reassuring me that they’re with me.

Keep calm and carry on.

There’s something clean and crisp about the BBC, like clean sheet, a breeze, the promise of freshly brewed coffee. Go out there, it says, we’ve got stuff to do.