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Like any psychology student chooses their field of study because they suspect they might be going mad, I am writing this blog because I am not especially happy. In my attempt to change that, I have exposed myself to many stupid programs and cures that mostly made me want to go shopping. Which is in itself a sign of unhappiness.

So I’ll find another way. I’ll collect what makes me happy, catalogue it, for future reference. A million things make me happy. I’ll write them down. I am already at Happy #5, so I’ll start there.

Some things that made me feel better today:

#6 The nice lady who works at the excellent vintage store Hooti Couture in Brooklyn.¬†She’s got such a good vibe. Also the other girl I talked to in there, who asked my opinion on a giant ring because she thought I looked like I had a nice style. I love Americans for their ability to just strike up conversations and give compliments to strangers.

#7 The fact that I figured out how to get Technorati to pick up my fucking RSS feed. That only took about two weeks.

#8 Going to the gym. Nothing more to say about that. It just WORKS.

#9 The fact that there exists such a thing as a combined healthy wraps and custom frame store – Healthy Nibbles, also in Brooklyn. It’s a frame store. And a juice and wrap place. In one.

#1o One whiskey on the rocks.

#11 Jay-Z’s Young Forever.


For every crying child there is at least twenty grown-ups going: Look, balloon! It’s a basic human instinct. See a balloon, report to surroundings. Humans, they are so predictable. It’s adorable.

A friend sent me a letter today. Or rather, I received it today, he sent it earlier, in the mail, the snail mail, the one that involves people and airplanes and post boxes and stamps. How awesome is that? That truly made me happy. My friend told me he decided to start writing letters to people to get a change from the usual facebook-short-mail-instant-msg-chatter. I salute that idea: Hello, lovely idea, I salute you!

(and my friend for having that idea)

Everybody should do this. Do this, my sweet couch potato friends!


Here’s something that made me happy today. Nice poem, Robert Pinsky.

Samurai Song

When I had no roof I made
Audacity my roof. When I had
No supper my eyes dined.

When I had no eyes I listened.
When I had no ears I thought.
When I had no thought I waited.

When I had no father I made
Care my father. When I had
No mother I embraced order.

When I had no friend I made
Quiet my friend. When I had no
Enemy I opposed my body.

When I had no temple I made
My voice my temple. I have
No priest, my tongue is my choir.

When I have no means fortune
Is my means. When I have
Nothing, death will be my fortune.

Need is my tactic, detachment
Is my strategy. When I had
No lover I courted sleep.


Sunsets. Yes. You think sunsets are lame? They certainly make for a lot of bad art. But the kind of bad art you’ll find in your bad taste hotel room, when you’re on vacation, and maybe you can appreciate that the person with simple taste who decorated this gruesome hotel room was doing this because he or she is the kind of person who thinks: This is something that’s pretty. I’m going to hang it on the wall.

People who are like this: I salute you. Sunsets ARE pretty, damnit. Whenever I see one, I take a picture of it.