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Like any psychology student chooses their field of study because they suspect they might be going mad, I am writing this blog because I am not especially happy. In my attempt to change that, I have exposed myself to many stupid programs and cures that mostly made me want to go shopping. Which is in itself a sign of unhappiness.

So I’ll find another way. I’ll collect what makes me happy, catalogue it, for future reference. A million things make me happy. I’ll write them down. I am already at Happy #5, so I’ll start there.

Some things that made me feel better today:

#6 The nice lady who works at the excellent vintage store Hooti Couture in Brooklyn. She’s got such a good vibe. Also the other girl I talked to in there, who asked my opinion on a giant ring because she thought I looked like I had a nice style. I love Americans for their ability to just strike up conversations and give compliments to strangers.

#7 The fact that I figured out how to get Technorati to pick up my fucking RSS feed. That only took about two weeks.

#8 Going to the gym. Nothing more to say about that. It just WORKS.

#9 The fact that there exists such a thing as a combined healthy wraps and custom frame store – Healthy Nibbles, also in Brooklyn. It’s a frame store. And a juice and wrap place. In one.

#1o One whiskey on the rocks.

#11 Jay-Z’s Young Forever.


So, there was an article about happiness in New York Times yesterday, more specifically about how it seems people actually get happier as they get older.

This is great news. Because we – are – getting – older. Yeah, you too.

Now this is the kind of writing on happiness that I can like. No rose scented, pastel colored bullshit about how you can reach all your goals and potential. No condescending lessons about what this or that nobody learned about themselves because they’re so much smarter than everyone and happened to figure it all out at about the same time they got a book deal.

The basis of the article is a survey that was published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. It’s kind of cute when humans do scientific research on happiness, isn’t it? Makes me feel like everyone is struggling to be happy, like that’s how important it is – research must be done. And I mean I know that’s true, that everyone is. Struggling to be happy. But it looks like it’s damned easy for some people.

New York Times also talked to Andrew J. Oswald, professor of psychology, who says that this later life happiness is ‘not being driven predominantly by things that happen in life: “It’s something very deep and quite human that seems to be driving this.”

By the way, speaking of old age and stuff, here’s a pretty awesome song: