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Hate them, hate them, love them, love them. I have spent years searching the US for the perfect, healthy cereal. Something gluten free, something with fruit and no syrup, something crunchy with pumpkin seeds or something. I have yet to find the perfect cereal. In the meantime, it does happen that I dive into one of these candy bombs dressed as cereal. Stuff that not only melts in your mouth, it melts already on your fingertips as you dig your hand into the box, as you’re eating it with your hands because it is so obviously candy, not cereal, but pretending to be cereal, something tired mothers agree to stuff their children with on early mornings without contact lenses before they feed the same children their daily dosage of ritalin because how else are these children supposed to be able to sit still for even a second, high on sugar as they are.

Possibly ruining the world, these cereals. Will just have a handful or two.


… Because who has a real breakfast anymore. I have cereal, but I eat it in a way that makes me think I do it mostly to wake my face up, already hunched over the laptop, checking email and stuffing cereal overpopulated with sultanas into my mouth. What’s up with sultanas – they must be really cheap. How about making freeze dried raspberries cheaper?

Anyways. What the self-help books/films/cds will always tell you is that to be happy you have to eat right. They’re totally right! But they so often tell us this in a way that makes me feel like it would be better if they also just joined me at the table and held the spoon for me. They also seem to think that there is ONE solution for everyone. When I grew up there was a huge emphasis on how good yoghurt was for the body. Probiotics blah blah. I ate a lot of yoghurt. I LOVE IT. Not once did I think to connect the eating of the yoghurt with the stomach cramps I was having all the time.

Turns out some people shouldn’t really have dairy products. Turns out I’m one of them.

So my happy-rule for eating goes something like this: Try to not eat stuff that gives you stomach cramps. For me that sadly means staying away from most dairy products, wheat, eggs and yeast. People always ask if I have some sort of an allergy or disease. I don’t, as far as I know. Some might call it intolerances. That kind of stuff that doesn’t even show up on tests. Some people might call it bullshit. I just call it stomach cramps.

Now even if you love a good salad, this can get tricky after a while. Especially if you like to munch stuff. Munching is not so fun with salad. But sometimes I feel like I manage to combine non-stomach-cramp-inducing food with munch-worthy food. Today I had lettuce wraps with tempeh and stuff:

This is just lettuce used to wrap up tempeh, avocado, cellery and hummus. Eats like a wrap and feels like a wrap, which means messing and spilling and munching. But without that stuffed feeling.

I also had some of Ciao Bella’s wonderful Blackberry Cabernet sorbet. Yeah you can have ice cream for lunch.